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Carter Alloys Company – Supplier of Copper Anodes, Nickel Anodes, Bismuth Metal, & Other Metal Products for Industry & The Arts

Carter Alloys Company is a leader in the design and formulation of standard and custom anodes.

An anode, the electrode through which a current enters an electric device, is used in electroplating and chrome plating to reduce corrosion of metal parts. An anode is the positive electrode that emits positive ions and attracts negative ions within a voltaic cell or other such device. The electrochemical process thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide, resulting in a finish second only to the diamond in hardness. Carter Alloys Company anodes, manufactured under exacting conditions, are comprised of phosphorized and non-phosphorized copper, zinc, and tin lead alloys. Electroplating with Carter Alloys Company anodes creates one of the world's best metal finishes.

We also supply babbitt metal and bismuth metal.

Copper Anodes

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All copper is produced in a USA state-of-the-art facility

Nickel Anodes

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Electrolytic S-Rounds & R-Rounds; Depolarized bar

Bismuth Metal

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Available in 10g pellets 35lb. slab, & 1/8" down shot

Tin Anodes

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Ultra-Pure Tin products for higher grade applications

Cobalt Metal

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Electrolytic high purity rounds produced by electrowinning

Cadmium Anodes

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Anode balls, bars, & rods with 99.99% purity