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Tin Anodes

We supply Ultra-Pure Tin products for specific applications where higher grades of tin are required. Our grade of tin is 99.99% purity, refined to the highest standards available in the world. This type of tin is used in specialty applications where standard grades of tin cannot be used. Ultra-Pure Tin has extremely low levels of lead, cadmium, antimony, and copper. All shipments come with a certificate of analysis from a state-of-the-art laboratory, to ensure you are being delivered a quality product.

Physical Properties of Ultra-Pure Tin

Physical Properties ASTM B339-00 Grade A Tin Ingot
Melting Temperature 450° F / 232° C
Boiling Point 4118° F / 2270° C
Weight 0.264 lbs/in3
Density 7.30 lbs/in3
Coefficient of Linear Expansion 0.000013 per °F at room temperature
Tensile Strength 0.94 tons/in2

tin anodes

Typical Analysis of Ultra-Pure Tin

Element Ultra-Pure Tin Ingot
Tin 99.991
Lead <0.0031
Antimony <0.0015
Copper <0.0002
Zinc <0.0001
Iron <0.0009
Aluminum <0.0001
Arsenic <0.0001
Cadmium <0.0001
Bismuth <0.0021
Silver <0.0001
Nickel <0.0001
Sulfur <0.0001

Grade A Tin Star Anodes

Physical Properties
Melting Temperature 450° F / 232° C
Pouring Temperature 575 – 625° F
Boiling Point 4118° F / 2270° C
Density 0.264 lbs/in3
Specific Gravity 7.30 g/m3
Brinell Hardness 4.6
Tensile Strength 0.94 tons/in2
star tin anodes

Chrome Anodes

Carter Alloys supplies 94Pb/6Sb or 93Pb/7Sn alloy in anode form with hooks attached. These same alloys are supplied in rod, wire, plate, and tube form with various diameters and sizes available.