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Cobalt Metal

cobalt rounds

Electrolytic Cobalt Rounds are a high purity, primary form of the metal produced by electrowinning. The unique button-shape makes this product safe, convenient to handle and easy to transfer from drums.

Electrolytic Cobalt Rounds are used wherever a high-purity form of cobalt is required; for example, in the production of cobalt-based super alloys. Cobalt is an important constituent of alloys with high temperature oxidation, corrosion resistance properties and a critical component of a wide variety of magnetic alloy and hard metals.

Electrolytic Cobalt Rounds are also used in the manufacture of cobalt-containing salts, such as cobalt sulfate and cobalt nitrate. Cobalt is often an important constituent of ceramics and related materials. Electrolytic Cobalt Rounds are also used as anode material in plating baskets for electrodepositing pure cobalt and nickel cobalt alloy coatings for a variety of applications.

The consistent purity and convenient form of Electrolytic Cobalt Rounds are distinct advantages of this premium product.

Quality Management Systems for the production, packaging and marketing of Electrolytic Cobalt Rounds have been registered and comply with the requirements of ISO Standard 9001:2008.

cobalt bar

Typical Specifications

Form Button-shaped pieces of electrolytic cobalt, about 35mm (1.4 in.)
Bulk Density Approximately 3800 to 4200 kg/m3 (240 to 260 lb/ft)
Packaging 250 kg (551 lb) steel drums; 4 drums strapped per pallet; Net weight 1000 kgs (2204 lb).
Typical Chemical Analysis (%)
Cobalt 99.8
Bismuth <0.00002
Carbon 0.0025
Copper 0.00005
Hydrogen 0.0002
Iron 0.0004
Lead 0.0003
Nickel 0.095
Nitrogen 0.0004
Oxygen 0.006
Selenium <0.00002
Sulphur 0.0005
Zinc 0.0008